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GausSPC® - Quick and easy from data acquisition to multilingual reports

Features of GausSPC®
  • X, Histogram, Table, X-R, X-s, EWMA and Probability Plot (test of normality) charts.
  • cp, cpk, cm, cmk, Pp, Ppk and cpm indexes and other statistical parameters.
  • Quick chart displays an updated chart as soon as you enter a new measurement so that you can monitor the process in real-time.
  • Out of control tests / Process stability tests select criteria to warn you about possible process instability.
  • Multilingual reports create a report your customer will understand. Modify and add your own phrases.
  • Connect various gauges to acquire measurements automatically. Save time and minimise errors. You can connect gauges directly to the PC or via a measuring interface.
  • Password protected login with three levels of users with settable privileges.
  • Import data from text files or even PC-DMIS rich text format files. Or copy/paste data to/from other applications.
  • One-sided or two-sided tolerances supported.
  • Formulas to calculate features not measured directly.
  • Add note to each measurement or to each chart in the the report.

Check User's guide for further useful features and their detailed description. The guide is available for download under the Brochures section.

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