1. How can I connect gauges to the PC?

You can connect a gauge to a PC through a measuring interface. Some gauges can also be connected directly to a PC port.

2. I have gauges from different manufacturers. Can I use them all with a single software?

Yes, you can use gauges from different manufacturers and with different outputs.

3. Where can I buy a measuring interface?

There are a number of producers of measuring interfaces, to which you can connect gauges from different manufacturers. Some providers of measuring interfaces:

4. I have an OptoRS232 gauge. Do I need a measuring interface?

No, you can connect such a gauge directly to the computer’s COM port.

5. I do not want to enter a password when starting GausSPC.

You can disable the password for the “User” and the “Power User” levels. Select File / Users List from the menu and then untick the “Password Protect” field on the “Group – User” and/or “Group – Power User” tab.

6. Can I include a custom note in the Report?

Yes. Right click on the element in the report under which you want to put a note, and select “Show Remarks” from the drop down menu. A window into which you can type a note will appear under the selected element of the report.

7. I want to keep record of a measurement, but do not want to include it in the statistical calculation. How can I do that?

Right click on the measurement(s) you want to ignore and select “Ignore Values” from the drop down menu. It is advised that you also add a note to an ignored measurement, explaining the reason – right click on the measurement and select “Remark” from the drop down menu.

8. Can I see all the formulas used for statistical calculations?

The formulas are included in the Appendix of the User Manual.

9. I have no COM ports on my PC, but have a gauge or a measuring interface with an RS232 output.

You can use an USB-to-COM adapter that can be bought at any computer store.

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