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GausSPC® - Quick and easy from data acquisition to multilingual reports

GausSPC® - Statistical Process Control

Why GausSPC?
  • Working with GausSPC is quick and easy. Logical, intuitive - and therefore simple work-flows have been developed through working with people from the shop-floor.

  • GausSPC is a complete solution that provides everything from automatic data acquisition to generation of multi-language reports. All in a single package.

  • GausSPC can link to other applications either through the Clipboard or text files. Import your CMM measurements as well as the measured features parameters from the PC-DMIS.

  • Access to GausSPC can be password-protected. Different user rights can also be set for each user group (e.g. the permission to enter measurements manually). For each measurement, time, date and operator are recorded.

  • All the charts in GausSPC are updated in real-time. The user can select and set a number of process stability tests.

  • GausSPC is easy to learn. Therefore it is also an ideal tool for process control and improvement at the level of work groups, quality circles, and similar.

  • Check the Brochures section for detailed information on GausSPC functionality.

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