You can enter data to GausSPC® in the following ways

  • through keyboard
  • directly from gauges featuring a RS232 output
  • from gauges via measuring interfaces
  • by using the copy/paste functionality you can paste it from other applications
  • by importing text files
  • by importing PC-DMIS rich text format files (PC-DMIS is a commonly used software for coordinate measuring machines, CMMs)

Some gauges can be connected directly to computer’s COM port (RS232), while other must be connected through a measuring interface.

Most gauges from Tesa have an RS232 output, most gauges from Mitutoyo have a Digimatic output, while for Mahr gauges you can select either RS232 or Digimatic output at the time of purchase.

Beside the possibility to connect several gauges to a single computer port, the advantage of connecting gauges via a measuring interface is also the possibility to use a single external trigger (usually a footswitch) to trigger a measurement from any of the gauges. You can also connect gauges from different manufacturers and with different outputs to a single measuring interface.

Most measuring interfaces connect to computer’s COM port. Newer versions often connect to the USB ports, but also the older COM port versions can be connected to a USB port via an RS232-to-USB adapter cable.

With measuring interfaces that emulate a keyboard (e.g. Mitutoyo’s DMX-3T, or BOBE Elektronik’s Digi-USB1, TBox-206), measurements are entered as if they were entered manually.

PC-DMIS is a registered trademark of Wilcox Associates, Inc.